The Moskitia

The Moskita Project Works in Four Areas: LEGAL¬†‚Äď Advance Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Land and Human Rights in the Moskitia LANDSCAPE¬†‚Äď Support Indigenous Community Solutions in governance, economy and health so … Read more

Five Forests

In the Americas, there are three major forest regions ‚Äď the Amazon, the forests of Mesoamerica, and the northern temperate forests. While the Amazon jungle has become a household name, … Read more

Casa Grande High School

Our collaboration¬†with Casa Grande High School is not only a Permaculture Design¬†project, but also an example of our work in promoting ‚Äúresilient schools‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ thriving, place-based communities¬†with the capacity to … Read more