Hayward City Hall Garden

April 2017

On April 15, 2017, Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force (KHCG TF), Earth Team, City of Hayward’s Landscape Department, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center and the local and surrounding community members came together for a water saving extravaganza.  Spearheaded by Jen Topper from Earth Team, more than 85 volunteers converted a 5,000 sq. ft lawn into a water-wise, Bay-friendly garden outside of Hayward City Hall.  OAEC Permaculture Program Co-Director Kendall Dunnigan created the design and helped to supervise the installation.

Pictured below: OAEC permaculture program co-director Kendall Dunnigan in front of Hayward City Hall, explaining the water-saving benefits of the design compared to the lawn that existed previously.

Earth Team’s San Lorenzo interns gave demonstrations on how to sheet mulch (compost, cardboard, mulch) and plant native plants.  Additional resources on water-wise gardening were provided to all participants. The project also included the installation of a walkway and bench seating area for the public to enjoy the beautiful colors and aromas this garden will provide for decades.

Typical lawns require substantial amounts of water and maintenance. A California native and Bay-friendly garden uses less water, provides pollinator habitat, promotes healthy soils by retaining water and improving drainage, and creates a space to relax and enjoy all nature has to offer. This lawn conversion will save 15,000 to 25,000 gallons of water in one year alone!