Vision & Strategy

We need rapid and dramatic change.

With astonishing speed, human civilization has exhausted much of the planet’s rich biodiversity, fresh water and topsoil, and we are dramatically altering the earth’s climate. Generation after generation, we continue to leave our home more depleted and less diverse. Without rapid, fundamental change in our behavior, both the biosphere and human civilization are in great peril.

In recent generations, most of us in the overdeveloped Global North have lost connection with the experience of living in a place-based community of extended family, clan or tribe. Due to the destabilizing effects of colonization, migration and urbanization, most people have lost the local bio-cultural knowledge that was passed down through the intact communities of our ancestors.

Furthermore, most of us are profoundly estranged from the natural world. We have forgotten our interrelationship with the biosphere and now lack awareness of the perilous state we have created for the ecological life support systems upon which we rely. We suffer a mainstream culture and economy that rewards self-interested behavior over care for the commons.

OAEC supports communities to design for a just and sustainable future.

Diversity is a core characteristic of healthy ecosystems. To protect and restore bio-cultural diversity, OAEC supports diverse communities to design their own regenerative systems at the regional and local scale.

OAEC’s work is about remembering our way Home: about calling memory forward to restore and "re-story" cultures and economies for the care of all life. We help individuals and communities act as if they plan to stay on this planet, thriving and in good relationship with all living systems, for many generations to come.

OAEC's diverse yet interrelated set of projects and partnerships use these strategies to achieve our mission: