OAEC Nursery

The OAEC Nursery offers hundreds of varieties of 100% Certified Organic, open-pollinated, heirloom vegetables, flowers and culinary and medicinal herbs, many started from our own seed collection and propagated from plants in our "Mother Garden." Visitors can see mature plants in place through tours of our gardens and ask the expert OAEC gardeners on hand in the Nursery for water-conserving gardening advice.

2017 Seasonal Hours of Operation:

OPEN April - October*

Saturdays & Sundays, 10am-5pm

*closed April 15-16, 2017

OAEC Nursery News

CCOF cost share program

This year the OAEC nursery and gardens were able to waive 75% of our organic certification fees through the Federal Organic Cost… Read More >

Wheat Breeding Experiment for Climate Adaptation

What will the climate be like 20 years from now?   How can we breed food crops that will thrive… Read More >

Nursery open weekends May-Oct

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Now Open Every Weekend April-October!

Starting in 2017, our Nursery will be open every weekend from April-October Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm (*closed for easter April 15-16). You can now peruse our vast inventory of perennial plants throughout the warm gardening months. We boast the widest selection of perennial food crops in the Bay Area for permaculture design applications, as well as rare and unusual medicinal and culinary herbs, habitat plants for pollinators, and ornamentals for drought tolerant landscapes. We also specialize in Salvias, with a collection of 40 species to choose from! All plant starts are propagated on-site from plants in our own Mother Garden and Nursery.

Seasonal Biodiversity Plant Sale Events

In addition to our usual weekend offerings focused on perennial plants, we host three seasonal Plant Sale Events, each spanning two back-to-back weekends during peak times for planting annual vegetables, flowers and herbs. These events are celebrations of biodiversity, organic gardening and community, and feature educational opportunities such as tours of OAEC where you can see plants from our Nursery grown to maturity in our Mother Garden.

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"The best plant sale on earth." - Michele Anna Jordan

The OAEC Nursery is unique in the Bay Area: Our California Certified Organic Nursery, based at our non-profit educational center, is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity. Our hand-tended plants are selected to thrive regionally here in the Bay Area, and all have been trialed and savored for years in OAEC's gardens and kitchen. We guarantee the health of our plants and assure a high quality of care from inception to point of sale.

When you buy our annuals and perennials, you are supporting the projects and partnerships of OAEC.


Generally, our pricing is determined by the size of the container. However, some of our rare plants are priced individually.

Six Packs$4.25
Jumbo Six Packs$4.50
2" Pots$2.50
3" Pots$3.00
4" Pots$4.25
1 Gallon Pots$9.25

Nursery Information

Second OAEC driveway
15290 Coleman Valley Road
Occidental, CA 95465

Nursery Phone: (707) 874-9591

Contact & Directions

Bring Us Your Pots!

We'd love to reuse your gallon pots, square 4-inch pots, or square 17-inch flats (no others, please) that are in good condition.

Thanks for bringing them along when you come to the OAEC Nursery!

Other sustainability practices include:

  • The use of EnviroStake, a polypropylene-derived pot tag that is curbside recyclable and biodegradable.
  • A commitment to being 100% California Certified Organic - including our ornamental plants and our potting mixes, amendments and foliar sprays. We are the only 100% Organic nursery in the Bay Area.

Mother Garden Biodiversity Program

Seed Swaps

We give away over 100 pounds of seed each year at the Ecological Farming Conference, Annual Bioneers Conference and Sonoma County Seed Swap.

Onsite Garden

Our 100% Organic demonstration gardens and orchards are living laboratories for OAEC courses, School Garden Teacher Trainings, Garden Volunteer Day and Garden Internships.

School Garden Teacher Training

This residential course supports teachers, garden educators and administrators to create and sustain garden-based ecological literacy programs.