Fiscal sponsorship gives an administrative home to new social change organizations who don’t have or need their own 501-c3 by providing accounting, tax, HR, strategy and fundraising support. OAEC is honored to play this important role to host and incubate nascent social movement projects and programs, and we are proud to feature their work here.

OAEC has had a long history of offering fiscal sponsorship, including our flagship fiscally sponsored project, CalCAN, which grew from a tiny seed of an idea to a large statewide coalition over the course of their ten years with us. We prioritize working with projects with whom we have had long-standing programmatic relationships.

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Fiscally Sponsored Projects News

People Over Plastic Now Counterstream Media

People Over Plastic, a fiscally sponsored project of OAEC, is now Counterstream Media! From the Counterstream team: “Our new name reflects our mission to center the stories and perspectives that … Read more

Fenceline Watch Becomes a UN Accredited Org 

Last month, OAEC was proud to support our fiscally sponsored project, Fenceline Watch, by applying and successfully receiving accreditation under the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)! Fenceline Watch is an environmental justice group fighting toxic pollution in … Read more

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Peak Plastic Foundation

Peak Plastic Foundation creates integrated storytelling campaigns to fight plastic production and pollution and to empower global collaborative action. Peak Plastic Foundation was founded by Megan Ponder and Stiv Wilson, who have been collaborating for over a decade on plastic pollution advocacy projects across a wide range of experiences, most recently as creators and producers of The Story of Plastic film. Peak Plastic Foundation builds inclusive and strategic campaigns and supports frontline partners with surge capacity for accelerated actions and results.

Counterstream Media

Counterstream Media, formerly People Over Plastic (POP), is a BIPOC Storytelling Collective committed to dismantling systems of oppression connected to the most controversial material on the planet: PLASTIC. With 99% of plastic coming from fossil fuels today, Counterstream Media believes conversations about the climate crisis AND the plastic crisis must center people of color and indigenous voices who are most impacted. In their podcast, Shilpi Chhodray, long-time communications leader in the #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement, brings listeners stories from inspiring individuals who challenge the unjust social, political and economic systems that are connected to the plastic pollution crisis.

Tribal EcoRestoration Alliance

Tribal EcoRestoration Alliance (TERA) is a multi-tribal coalition based in Lake County, California in the ancestral territories of Eastern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Lake Miwok, and Wappo people, and is a collaborative that works to revitalize ecology, economy, and culture through indigenous-led stewardship. TERA brings together traditional knowledge with restoration ecology, preparing individuals for meaningful careers that help heal communities and relationships with the land.

Leap Lab

Leap Lab is a network of science centers throughout the US that model self-reliance to build thriving communities. Leap Lab offers innovative, regionally-appropriate educational resources in ecology and sustainable systems to school and community groups through exhibits, curricula, expeditions, DIY kits and more.

Fenceline Watch

Fenceline Watch, based on the Gulf Coast surrounded by fossil fuel infra- structure, is a response to the rapid oil and gas expansion in the midst of a global climate crisis and is dedicated to the eradication of toxic multi- generational harm on communities living along the fenceline of industry.

Celebrating Women’s Leadership in Food

Celebrating Women’s Leadership in Food (CWLF) advances a social movement of women in food and farming by creating spaces for women to celebrate, connect across difference, build trust, and create community. CWLF seeks to cultivate new forms of leading together to shift paradigms of power and meaningfully address ecological crises and social inequity.