Beyond Defensible Space Workshops

We’ve heard about Defensible Space, the 100ft perimeter around buildings that should be free from burnable materials to prevent damage from wildfire, but what about the wildlands beyond those 100ft? … Read more

Forest Thinning and Gully Repair

‘Slash Ain’t Trash, It’s Beneficial Biomass!’ ¬†– Brock Dolman For the past few months, OAEC’s Wildlands team has been working hard applying for permits to restore a number of eroding … Read more

Soundscapes to Landscapes

Enhancing and securing habitats for biodiversity is one of the core goals of the OAEC Wildlands Program, using traditional knowledge and modern science to tend the 70 acres.¬†The diverse plant … Read more

Tending the Oaks

What’s wrong with this picture? ¬†The beautiful view of the OAEC backcountry from our new Meeting Hall deck is a lovely place to enjoy the sunset, but seen through a … Read more

Mending the Wild at OAEC

A controlled prescribed fire being used at OAEC for the ecological and habitat goals of our coastal prairie… December 2017¬†In the context of the North Bay fires this fall and … Read more

OAEC Publishes Wildlands Preserve Stewardship Plan

Pictured:¬†Harold Appleton, registered professional forester, co-authored the plan with Lindsay Dailey and Jim Coleman¬†(pictured) as well as¬†Brock Dolman. Harold spent many hours onsite inventorying mixed conifer forests and guiding OAEC … Read more