Localizing CA Waters Conference Report Back

Localizing California Waters

On November 7-9, 2018 a diverse group of water professionals and activists including water agency staff, government regulators, engineers and designers, plumbers and landscapers, indigenous water protectors, community action groups, … Read more

OAEC Receives Groundbreaking Compost Toilet Permit

Legitimizing Ecological Sanitation┬ávia Scientific Research After 2 years of negotiations, OAEC is excited to partner with county and regional agencies with the acquisition of an “Alternate Methods and Materials” research … Read more

It’s Spring! What To Be Planting Now

OAEC kale

Annuals Gardeners — the days are getting longer and warmer, so we know you’ve got the itch to start playing in your garden┬ábeds! There are many crops that you can … Read more

What is a Resilient School?

resilient school

Educating for┬áSustainability: Tenacious educators┬ácommitted to sustainability have made tremendous strides nationwide in increasing┬ástudent┬áand ecological wellbeing— The School Garden Movement has been connecting young people to healthy food choices, place-based inquiry … Read more