Applied On-Farm Permaculture Design: OAEC’s EcoFarm Workshop

Create a whole systems design for your current or future farm, facilitated by Brock Dolman, Kendall Dunnigan and Vanessa Carter, on Wednesday, January 21 at Asilomar.

Design your permaculture dream farm! Join us for our Applied On-Farm Permaculture pre-conference workshop at the 2015 EcoFarm Conference (lunch is included). This one-day workshop will introduce you to a step-by-step process for creating a regenerative farm. Whether you have a farm today or see one in your future, this workshop will give you a simple method you can use again and again to design your property and others.

OAEC staff – with support from Ali Robinson (FarmLink) and other¬†experts in rangeland management, rare edible perennials, water management, and financial resources –¬†will guide you in applying Permaculture Design principles to a local farm case study, as well as your specific property. We invite participants with farm systems, from gardens to broad-scale properties, to submit a property map and design goal outcomes upon registration. Attendees without land will collaboratively support the design process of other participants.

You will learn:

  • Site assessment
  • Project visioning
  • Renewable farm energy
  • Water harvesting and infiltration
  • Business planning and financing options
  • Design methods that compose with the natural and human systems on your farm

Questions or comments? Please email Vanessa Carter.

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