Resilient Community Design video

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Introducing the new Resilient Community Design video!  This video is a brief conceptual overview of the steps that we use here at OAEC to facilitate groups in creating their own thriving, restorative ecological settlements. Over our 23-year history teaching permaculture design, living in intentional community, and participating in community-based organizing, we’ve developed a theoretical framework paired with down-to-earth, hands-on techniques that can be used by any group of land-based people according to their needs and their place. User-driven participatory methods are at the root of our approach because we believe all people have the right, the knowledge, and the ability to best determine an ecologically regenerative, economically viable and socially just future for themselves.

We look forward to sharing our methodology with other place-based communities and like-minded organizations who would like to collaborate with us!  For more information or to inquire about Resilient Community Design facilitation for your land-based group, please contact Kendall Dunnigan at .

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