OAEC Releases New Beaver Stewardship Guidebook

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Beavers are one of our favorite watershed restoration partners! They are the original champions of the WATER Institute’s slogan for regenerating our landscapes: Slow It, Spread It, Sink it! Their dams slow water down to restore eroded riparian corridors and filter silt-clogged streams, spread water out to provide habitat for a diversity of other wetland species including salmon, and allow water to sink into the ground to recharge California’s over-tapped aquifers. Want to know more about the benefits of beaver?

We are excited to announce the release of our new publication entitled  Beaver in California: Cultivating a Culture of Stewardship. While beaver have created valuable wetland habitat across California for centuries, this keystone species is often overlooked or maligned. This guidebook will help you gain a better understanding of the history of beaver in California, their behavior and ecology, their benefits to ecosystems and how, through stewardship, we can partner with them to restore our watersheds, recover endangered species and adapt to climate change.

Written for land-owners, concerned citizens, conservationists, resource agency staff and decision makers, this 30-page full-color publication addresses common challenges of living with beaver and offers constructive, non-lethal solutions to mitigating unwanted damage. With a clear outline of how we can increase our awareness of beaver and their benefits to our watersheds, we can play a more informed role in protecting and restoring this valuable native species in our California landscape.

We have printed a limited amount of full color copies of this photo-rich publication available for $10 plus shipping and handling. All proceeds go to support our Bring Back the Beaver Campaign.

Listen to beaver guidebook authors Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman give a radio interview about this new guide on KWMR.

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