OAEC at Bioneers

Join us at the Bioneers Conference – Oct 19th – 20th

At the upcoming Bioneers Conference, OAEC’s Program Manager Cooper Freeman will discuss the evolutionary wheat breeding project he is leading on the panel: Evolutionary Plant Breeding: Breeding Crops for Climate Change, with project partner Leonard Diggs from Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm and journalist Mark Shapiro, hosted by Bioneer’s Restorative Food System Program Director Arty Mangan. OAEC’s Evolutionary Wheat Breeding project is mixing and planting together over 2,000 varieties of bread-wheat from all over the world to create unique, place-adapted, resilient mixtures of one of our most important food crops to increase agricultural biodiversity, put seed-breeding back into the hands of farmers and gardeners, and generate a seed supply that can thrive in a changing climate.

And as always, don’t miss the Bioneers Seed Exchange  Saturday evening from 6:30-8pm, co-hosted by OAEC, Tesuque Pueblo, and others, where we’ll share many of our favorite crops from our Mother Garden Biodiversity collection!

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