OAEC’s Collaboration with SOIL: Turning Waste into a Resource in Haiti

Through Resilient Community Design, the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center‘s permaculture-based collaboration with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is supporting Haiti to transform human waste into resources. SOIL’s project of community-based composting toilets not only improves public health through water quality improvement and disease reduction, but also increases local economic sustainability through job creation and a valuable product–nutrient-rich soil. OAEC is engaged in a long-term Resilient Community Design process with SOIL to support their critical work.

What is Resilient Community Design?

Resilient Community Design (RCD) is a facilitated process that builds the capacity of place-based communities to thrive by adapting to changed and changing ecological and social conditions over time. RCD enables groups to better address their social, cultural, ecological and economic needs by deepening their ecological understanding of their place, strengthening their practices of self-governance through collaborative decision-making, and increasing social cohesion and personal welfare through collective work.

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