Join the “Chautauqua Circle”

Thank you to everyone who attended our 13th Annual Chautauqua Revue this past weekend! Despite the heavy lifting required to bring into the theater two dozen performers, light and sound equipment, costumes, props, a Rube Goldberg Machine, and 200 audience members each show, we are once again left with a deep sense of gratitude that we are able to experience such a celebration with our broader community.

The Chautauqua Series is at a key moment of growth as we look to expand our 3rd Annual Storytelling Chautauqua to two performances; add two concerts and a lecture to next summer’s offerings; and to see the return of a “micromusical” to next year’s Fall Revue. While ticket and concessions income from the Series’ performances covers the direct costs of the productions (e.g. performer stipends, costumes, production manager and producer salaries), we fall short in covering all of the support costs that any other theater or performance venue would normally incur (e.g. administration, land lease, electricity). There are also needed upgrades to the sound, light, and the theater itself that we aspire to achieve in the next year.

We invite you to support the Performing Arts at OAEC by joining the “Chautauqua Circle.”

Even $25 will go a long way! Here are examples of what various donation levels can help us get:

  • $25—1 sound cable
  • $30—1 lightbulb for the theater lights (we need 10)
  • $75—3 sitting cushions for the audience benches
  • $100—½ of the deck boards for a new sound and light deck
  • $150—1 stage monitor (we need 3)
  • $500—1 follow spotlight
  • $600—a 16-channel sound board

Benefits that Chautauqua Circle Members at $1,000+ will enjoy:

  • OAEC Chautauqua$1,000—underwrite the Storytelling Chautauqua! To show our gratitude, you will receive 4 tickets to any 2016 Chautauqua Series show(s); a picnic basket for 4 to enjoy in the garden before a show; and 10% off at our Plant Sales and Perennials Weekends for the year, plus an invitation to the OAEC Nursery‘s exclusive Plant Sale Member Previews.
  • $3,000—underwrite the Chautauqua Revue and receive all of the above PLUS a private tour of OAEC for you and your friends.
  • $5,000—underwrite the entire Chautauqua Series and receive all of the above PLUS 4 additional tickets to any 2016 show of your choice (8 tickets total); a picnic basket for 6 instead of 4; and Clowns On a Stick, renowned local clown troupe that includes yours truly, will serve as “waiters” at your next event!

If the Revue has become a must-see event for you every year, then please consider giving what you can to keep this unique event alive and self-sustaining. Also, please forward this email to other OAEC Chautauqua lovers or those with whom you have attended performances here who may not be on our mailing list! Thank you so much for your consideration and support of OAEC, and we look forward to seeing you back in the North Garden Theater next year.

Donate to join the “Chautauqua Circle” >

If you would rather donate by check, please mail your contribution to OAEC c/o Chautauqua Circle, 15290 Coleman Valley Rd, Occidental CA 95465

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