CA Beaver Bill Introduced

Great news! Assemblymember Damon Connolly (D-San Rafael)  has introduced a “beaver bill,” Assembly Bill 2196, that codifies the new Beaver Restoration Program at the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW). The program, created by an act of the state budget in 2023, works with tribes, NGOs, private landowners, and others to implement coexistence and other beaver-assisted restoration projects to promote habitat restoration and climate change resiliency. Program staff will be creating a first-ever Beaver Management Plan for the state of California (one of three in the nation).

“Thanks to Governor Newsom’s leadership, California is bringing beavers back and we’re thrilled that Assemblymember Connolly wants to ensure they continue to thrive by codifying the program and setting a course for expanded efforts. The collaborative momentum between state officials, Tribal leaders, nonprofits, and local governments is inspiring and poised to continue.”

—Kate Lundquist, The WATER Institute Co-Director

As you can see from our joint letter of support, The WATER Institute proudly supports this bill, along with dozens of other organizations. We hope you will, too, and invite additional organizations to sign on. (Note: This form is for organizations, not individual supporters.) We also penned an op-ed for the Capitol Weekly expressing further support for the bill.

If you’re an individual California beaver believer, feel free to drop your own Assemblymember a line to ask them to support AB 2196! You can look up your legislators here.

Cheers to the future of beaver restoration!

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