2022 Update

OAEC works to inspire communities to build and imagine the ecologically regenerative and socially just world that we know is possible.

At OAEC’s 80-acre landbase in Sonoma County, we demonstrate practical solutions in the care and management of home, from tending land for more water, carbon and biodiversity, to cultivating sustainable food systems, to modeling democratic self-governance. OAEC then spirals this knowledge out into the world through workshops and trainings, social movement retreats, land-based Resilient Community Design collaborations, and much more. We hope all who visit the Center return home with the tools and inspiration to help design a more resilient, sustainable and vibrant future for themselves and their communities.

OAEC is grateful to all those who make what we do possible, from our growing staff collective to the many individuals and foundations who support our efforts. As we flow into a new year, we humbly ask you for your support of OAEC’s diverse and impactful work. Your gift enables us to take bold steps towards achieving ecological and social transformation at the scale necessary to confront today’s challenges.


We invite you to take a look at just some of the incredible projects OAEC tackled this year by checking out our 2022 Update on the link below.

On behalf of the OAEC staff collective and community, we thank you so very much for your friendship and support. And we thank you for connecting to local initiatives and taking action for positive change wherever home is for you!

Read the 2022 Update

photo above by Jim Coleman

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