2018 End of Year Update

When you close your eyes and imagine a more just and sustainable future, what does it look like to you? We bring this question to life every day, at OAEC and in communities beyond, and we work hard to provide both a clear and positive vision, and practical pathways to achieve that future.

So, what are some of our dreams for the future? We imagine systems of governance and economy that honor biological and cultural diversity. We see thousands of diverse grassroots organizations and communities leading the Just Transition in their own localities and regions, pushing back against fear and hatred while rapidly moving forward the most innovative-community led solutions to our many shared problems. We see streams full of salmon and beaver dams, gardens full of pollinators and seeds, and oceans free of plastic.

Our strategy to achieve this change is four-fold. We model resiliency: our 80-acre demonstration site showcases dozens of practical, community-scale solutions to common challenges around the sustainable management of everything from soil, water, and food, to more effective ways to self-govern and manage economy. We train change-makers: supporting individuals and social movement leadership to apply an ecological lens to their already inspiring work. We build community capacity: empowering communities to design their own strategies to create the just transition towards a more regenerative culture and economy. And we change the rules: working to legalize and require sustainable economy, and to make illegal and dis-incentivize activities that subvert it.

We turn our vision and strategy into action by putting our hands and hearts to work every day. We invite you to have a look at our 2018 Update, which tells the stories of just some of the work we accomplished this year. Of course, we also depend on financial supporters like you to make it all happen.

We hope you’ll join us with a gift to OAEC today. Your donations make a huge difference and allow us to continue and grow our work. Donations can be made online at www.oaec.org/donate or by mail.  We thank you deeply for your continued friendship.

Read the OAEC 2018 End of Year Update

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