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About the Mother Garden Nursery

Our non-profit¬†nursery is far more than a business - it is a¬†mission-driven project committed to promoting the importance of biodiversity as nature's failsafe strategy for resilience both in our gardens and in the greater world. The nursery is just one aspect of OAEC's larger¬†Mother Garden Biodiversity Program, which includes the historic on-site demonstration gardens, extensive seed saving/seed give-away program, and the promotion of ecological literacy and organic gardening practices through tours, courses, volunteer days and more. ¬†Our loyal Friends of the Nursery customers help support the program's¬†non-profit mission while getting a great discount!   Donate $50 or more to the Friends of the Nursery program annually and get:
  • A 20% discount on all nursery purchases throughout the season (April-October)
  • Invited to our special Friends of the Nursery Preview and Pre-Sales
  • Satisfaction knowing that the Mother Garden Biodiversity Program will continue to thrive!
For more information or to talk about about a major donation or grant to the Mother Garden Nursery, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mother Garden Biodiversity Program Director, Doug Gosling at .

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