We offer camping as a housing option for the permaculture course during the dry months, with prior approval only. Camping is not available for group retreats.

Here are some important things to know and agree to:

  • Absolutely no food, smoking or fires are allowed in the backcountry. We are very serious about this due to the high wildfire danger in our area. 
  • Guests may pitch a tent in the designated meadow at the top of the 70-acre backcountry which is a 10-minute walk along a sloped, unlit path from the main facilities (core area). You must be able to hike in your own gear.
  • This isn’t a “campground.” There are no facilities in the camping meadow – no potable water source, no bathrooms, etc. Campers share common use of the Yurt Bath House in the core area.
  • Guests provide their own tent and equipment.
  • The cost for camping is the same as the cost for guest housing, included in your course fee.

If you have backpacking/wilderness experience, you will love camping here during your course. The sunrise and sunset views are spectacular and the camping area is located near the swimming pond. Camping also provides a bit more privacy than the shared room option.