Who’s at OAEC? Bay Area Land Justice Convening

A powerhouse group of some of the leading thinkers on land access came together at OAEC for the Bay Area Land Justice Convening in April co-organized by staff at Sogorea Te Land Trust, The Cultural Conservancy, People of Color Sustainable Housing Network, Movement Generation, Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) and others.

“The Ohlone peoples have a 5,000+ year relationship with this land already. It began to seem clear that if we no longer wanted to live inside the visions of those remaking the city now, those of us in the housing justice community needed to start thinking on a longer timeline… We left this gathering with the precious seeds of a robust and revolutionary collective vision for the Bay Area. How we each nurture and tend those seeds remains to be seen, but there was a palpable desire from many participants to continue deepening the relationships that may get us there. We had no illusions about the futures imagined by status quo institutions and actors — but we also left grounded in the knowledge that our vision seeds are rooted 5,000 years deep in the soil already, and roots that deep might just be resilient and resistant enough to create a new abundance for all.” -Chris Tittle of SELC

Read more on SELC’s blog for a summary of this inspiring meeting, including a timeline for the 100-year vision and a set of guiding principals.

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