Legal Graywater Design for Small Scale Applications in California

By Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman

Photographs by Brock Dolman 

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Project Description



We would like to thank Dean Witter for funding this project, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center and the Sowing Circle community for supporting the implementation, Kendall Dunnigan for designing and managing the installations, Laura Allen for teaching the courses and all of the Permaculture students who helped install these systems.

This report was written up by The WATER Institute at The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in 2010. It is available for downloading on our website. Please consider giving a donation to support us in continuing this kind of work. Building upon OAEC’s many years of work to protect Coastal California’s watersheds, the WATER Institute concentrates on four interrelated program components: advocacy and policy development; training and support; education and demonstration; and research. For more information, contact us at (707) 874-1557 ext. 206

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