Basins of Relations – A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting and Restoring Our Watersheds (2018)

3rd edition 

by Brock Dolman and Kate Lundquist of the OAEC WATER Institute

“Now and in the future, nothing is or will be more valuable than pristine watersheds and abundant, pure water supplies.”

Basins of Relations¬†– our most popular WATER Institute publication – is intended for all people and organizations interested in water conservation issues, whether they are new to watershed awareness or are already seasoned watershed policy makers, scientists or activists. ¬†This 24-page ‚Äúhydrological literacy‚ÄĚ primer can be used as an organizing tool for individuals and groups around the myriad issues facing our watersheds and the steps we can take to preserve them. ¬†This publication frames¬†the historical context of past and present water issues and presents¬†practical solutions on the home, neighborhood, and city/county scales as well as options for elected officials who are trying to meet Federal and state mandates on water conservation, stormwater issues and endangered species.

In this updated and expanded third edition, you will find a new cover photo, a section on the importance of keystone species, additional photos and graphics, updated web links, and new resources and book recommendations.

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