Peak Plastic Foundation joins OAEC!

OAEC has brought on the Peak Plastic Foundation (PPF) as a new fiscally-sponsored project, continuing OAEC’s involvement in the movement to end the plastic crisis. We are excited to support PPF in this exciting strategy work and look forward to continued collaboration on this critical issue.

Peak Plastic Foundation works to accelerate a decline in plastic production and pollution by developing integrated storytelling campaigns toward global action and policy change. They work with partners in the US and around the world to produce digital field reports that document their diverse challenges and opportunities in real time. Specifically, PPF is focusing their efforts on building diverse coalitions at every level of the extraction-to-waste chain between the US petrochemical sector and the proliferation of sachet-style packaging in Asia.


PPF and Green Army in Trivandrum, India conduct a ‘brand audit’ to trace plastic pollution to manufacturers and demand corporate accountability.


PPF’s co-directors Stiv Wilson and Megan Ponder created and produced The Story of Plastic film, which is now being shown and distributed by Discovery Channel. Filmed across three continents and featuring interviews with experts and activists on the frontlines, The Story of Plastic presents a timeline of how we got to our current global plastic pollution crisis and how the oil and gas industry has successfully manipulated the narrative around it. In May 2020, OAEC hosted an online screening of The Story of Plastic followed by a virtual gathering attended by over 600 people. If you missed it, watch the film by joining a community screening and take action to stop plastic proliferation.


The plastic industry is actively capitalizing on the pandemic to push their agenda of disposability. In order to effectively respond to the unique threats and challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Peak Plastic Foundation is building a narrative campaign for the Break Free From Plastic movement to provide a united and prioritized messaging framework that pushes back. Peak Plastic Foundation is working closely with Break Free From Plastic members from around the world to develop a Just Recovery campaign that is both responsive to the current crisis and proactive in demonstrating solidarity and action toward building the recovery needed to achieve the movement’s long term goals.  We encourage you to watch their series of shorts here:

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