We recommend the following books about wildlands management and traditional ecological knowledge, as well as state, federal and local agencies that offer resources and potential support to landowners.

Acorns photographed by Brock Dolman


  • Seaweed, Salmon, & Manzanita Cider, Margaret Dubin & Sara-Larus Tolley
  • It Will Live Forever, Beverly Ortiz
  • Scrape the Willow Until it Sings, Deborah Valoma
  • Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, Kate Marianchild
  • Enough For All, Kathleen R. Smith
  • Conducting Prescribed Fires: A Comprehensive Manual, John R. Weir
  • Tending the Wild, M. Kat Anderson
  • Forgotten Fires: Native Americans and the Transient Wilderness, Omer C. Stewart, Henry T. Lewis & M. Kat Anderson
  • Before the Wilderness: Environmental Management by Native Americans, Thomas C. Blackburn & M. Kat Anderson
  • Prescribed Burning, Harold Biswell
  • The Earth Manual, Malcolm Margolin
  • The Jepson Manual, edited by Bruce G. Baldwin
  • The Woodland Way, Ben Law
  • Gardening with a Wild Heart, Judith Larner Lowry

Articles about the Wildlands at OAEC:

Mending the Wild at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center by Brock Dolman.  Fremontia, the Journal of the California Native Plant Society. Vol 44, No 3, December 2016. p52-56.

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