We recommend the following books about wildlands management and traditional ecological knowledge, as well as state, federal and local agencies that offer resources and potential support to landowners.

Acorns - by Brock Dolman

Acorns photographed by Brock Dolman


  • Seaweed, Salmon, & Manzanita Cider, Margaret Dubin & Sara-Larus Tolley
  • It Will Live Forever, Beverly Ortiz
  • Scrape the Willow Until it Sings, Deborah Valoma
  • Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, Kate Marianchild
  • Enough For All, Kathleen R. Smith
  • Conducting Prescribed Fires: A Comprehensive Manual, John R. Weir
  • Tending the Wild, M. Kat Anderson
  • Forgotten Fires: Native Americans and the Transient Wilderness, Omer C. Stewart, Henry T. Lewis & M. Kat Anderson
  • Before the Wilderness: Environmental Management by Native Americans, Thomas C. Blackburn & M. Kat Anderson
  • Prescribed Burning, Harold Biswell
  • The Earth Manual, Malcolm Margolin
  • The Jepson Manual, edited by Bruce G. Baldwin
  • The Woodland Way, Ben Law
  • Gardening with a Wild Heart, Judith Larner Lowry