Wildlands Projects & Collaborations

Wildlands Preserve Stewardship Plan

With support fromĀ CalFIRE through CFIP (the California Forest Improvement Program), OAEC worked closely with Harold Appleton, a Registered Professional Forester, to create a comprehensiveĀ Wildlands Preserve stewardship plan. The plan outlines our strategies for ā€œmending the wild,ā€ as we dedicate ourselves to repairing a damaged ecosystem out of balance, and strive towards the vision of ā€œtending the wildā€ — with humans returning to their role as regenerative disturbers of an ecosystem that supports life.

Two versions of the plan are available online:

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

Since 2007, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria (FIGR) and OAEC have collaborated to explore principles of ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, and native flora and fauna in our Wildlands Preserve with the goal of becoming better practitioners of cultural regeneration and biological restoration. Over the past years, OAEC hasĀ supported FIGR in their work to develop plans for Tolay Regional Park, an 1,800-acre site that is oneĀ of the most sacred places in the Tribeā€™s ancestral lands, and has facilitated tribal citizens in designing a new community organic garden usingĀ Resilient Community Design.Ā OAEC has also hosted FIGR’s family camp as well as organic gardening and nutrition classes here on the land.

Tribal Citizens in the field

Sonoma State University

Students at Sonoma State University participate in a Sustainable Forestry Internship hosted by OAEC, gaining practical hands-on skills and applied learning, while stewarding the forests of OAEC.

SSU / OAEC Collaboration

Sonoma Youth Ecology Corps

OAEC hosts youth workers from SYEC to tend our 70-acre Wildlands Preserve. SYEC is a jobs, workforce training and ecoliteracy education program aimed at employing young at-risk adults while teaching them about environmental stewardship.

Sonoma Youth Ecology Corps at OAEC

Cultural Conservancy

OAEC collaborated with the Cultural Conservancyā€™s Guardian of the Waterā€™s project, which provides Native youth access to indigenous watercraft traditions, cultural healing, multi-media explorations, and creative modalities of self-expression.

Tule boat, OAEC

Coastal Prairie Working Group

OAEC partnered with Sonoma State University and the Coastal Prairie Working Group as one of the demonstration sites for the management of Holcus lanatus in Coastal Prairie.

Coastal prairie flower

Sonoma Mountain Institute

Wildlands core staff Brock Dolman serves on the board of Sonoma Mountain Institute, whose mission is to preserve land for natural, scenic, agricultural, cultural, educational, and scientific purposes.

Sonoma Mountain Institute

SRJC Natural Resource Management

Brock Dolman serves on the advisory board of the Natural Resource Management department at the Santa Rosa JuniorĀ College, supporting curriculum development and program design for the department.


Sonoma County Fire Safe Council

As part of a demonstration of how to manage land to be more resilient to wildfire, OAEC created a shaded fuel break demonstration in collaboration with the West County Fire Safe Council (now the Sonoma County Fire Safe Council).

Sonoma County Firesafe

Natural Resource Conservation Services

NRCS offers a cost-share program to landowners interested in restoring habitat. OAEC has partnered with NRCS to enhance habitat and native plant biodiversity.