Wildlands Preserve Stewardship Plan

With support from CalFIRE through CFIP (the California Forest Improvement Program), OAEC worked closely with Harold Appleton, a Registered Professional Forester, to create a comprehensive Wildlands Preserve stewardship plan. The plan outlines our strategies for “mending the wild,” as we dedicate ourselves to repairing a damaged ecosystem out of balance, and strive towards the vision of “tending the wild” — with humans returning to their role as regenerative disturbers of an ecosystem that supports life.

Two versions of the plan are available online:

The function of the stewardship plan is threefold:

  1. To document the rich management history, lessons learned, and goals and strategies for moving forward;
  2. To create a learning tool for other landowners;
  3. To assist OAEC in qualifying for state and federal restoration funding through agencies such as NRCS, CalFire, etc.

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