New Multimedia Series on WATER

What is your relationship with water? Do you know where your water comes from or how it gets to you? For the most part, modern developed societies have taken water for granted, viewing it as a mere commodity available on demand. But as the privilege of clean, plentiful, accessible water for the needs and pleasures of life is threatened by prolonged droughts, increased demand and enduring pollution, we are faced with an existential urgency to rethink our relationship with water.

In 2019, OAEC and Bioneers co-produced a Water in Agriculture convening at OAEC that brought together some of the leading thinkers on the future of water in the west. We are delighted to finally share the fruits of this event in this beautiful multimedia series produced by Bioneers’ talented communications team.

This interactive story map focuses on the water scarcity facing arid regions, highlighting innovative designs and far-sighted strategies based on principles drawn from conservation hydrology, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and keystone species restoration that demonstrate that there are existing strategies and practices we can implement to sustainably steward our most precious resource and ensure water security for all life. Of particular note are Parts 2 and 5 which heavily feature the work of OAEC’s WATER Institute, including quotes from Co-Directors Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman. 

Explore the Water Series Here

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