Listen to Dave Henson on Flipping the Table podcast

In this Roots of Change Flipping the Table podcast episode, OAEC co-founder Dave Henson talks about the problems of economy and governance that prevent our social movements, including the food movement, from making change. While this was recorded 6 weeks before COVID-19 hit, this is a timely conversation in the midst of a pandemic.

“When I step back and scan my involvement in the food and sustainable ag movement in California, I see all of us with the same values and the same goals we’ve had for 45 years –  they are the right goals. They are the right answer to health and safety and the future of soil and water, and yet they don’t get traction. And that makes my movement mind think that the block there is not that we’re not smart enough or that we’re not working hard enough or that we’re not convincing more people because we’re not saying the right message – no no no, this is a structural problem with economy and governance. There are forces that are making this a permanent lock-down for industrial agriculture and we have to address those forces.”

Tune in to the latest Roots of Change Flipping the Table podcast to hear more about Dave’s strategy and history of activism. How do we address the crisis of capitalism?  How do We The People exercise our sovereign right to take power back from corporations?  How do we bring a strategic framework around economy and governance into all of single-issue movement work?

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