CDFW Releases Beavers Into the Wild for First Time in Nearly 75 Years

The state’s new Beaver Restoration Program completed its first relocation in October, 2023. See the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) press release here.

We were honored to be invited by CDFW and The Maidu Summit Consortium to participate in this momentous return of beaver back to Plumas County, in an area that is known to the tribal community as Tásmam Koyóm.

From left to right: California Department of Fish and Wildlife Director, Charlton Bonham, Vice Chairman of the Maidu Summit Consortium, Alan Lowry, and California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot.
Source: CDFW

After many years of dedicated work with diverse partners across the state, we are truly gratified to see the day when our state wildlife agency is supporting tribes in returning beaver to their ancestral homelands. True to our campaign name, we’re finally bringing beaver back!

CDFW Beaver Restoration Program staff bringing the family of beaver to the release site.

“We’re honored to be part of this BeaverBack moment!”

–Brock Dolman
A kit rides on a yearling’s tail.
Newly released beaver explores its new home.

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