CDFW Awards OAEC Grant to Create Beaver Coexistence Program

The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center WATER Institute is humbled and excited to announce that we have been awarded a $2 million block grant to develop a program to build California’s capacity for successful beaver coexistence implementation.

WATER Institute Co-Director Kate Lundquist said, “This is an immense honor to have been selected by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to receive this award. We are grateful for this opportunity to work with trusted partners at the Beaver Institute to create a comprehensive education and block grant program. A first in the state, this program will provide accessible coexistence information, trainings for installers, and technical and financial assistance to landowners to facilitate the best possible outcome for beavers and humans alike.”

WATER Institute Co-Director Brock Dolman noted, “The development of this program couldn’t come at a better time for California.  With the implementation of CDFW’s 2023 Beaver Depredation Policy requiring landowners to implement  feasible nonlethal corrective actions to prevent future beaver damage, the program will provide resources to those seeking to mitigate damage while still receiving the ecological benefits from beaver activity.”

This award is part of a larger effort to distribute $50 million to boost the salmon population. See an excerpt of the Governor’s press release below and read the full text here.

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