Being Salmon, Being Human: The Performance


Join us in the North Garden Theater on

Wednesday August 15th 7-9pm

BEING SALMON, BEING HUMAN is a unique storytelling performance from Norway combining traditional tales, original music, and contemporary philosophy. Inspired by Martin Lee Mueller’s award-winning book by the same name, with salmon stories from Sami and First Nations peoples of Scandinavia and North America, we go on a journey through the extraordinary lives of wild salmon – sentient beings who are born in rivers, traverse the oceans, and return towards the end of their lives to their birth rivers to spawn and gift forward more life. The performance explores what becomes of this awe-inspiring creature and her journey in the face of an expansive, profit-driven feedlot industry. The life-cycle of the salmon has been celebrated in human cultures since time immemorial. How does the story of separation affect our age-old relationship with this extraordinary creature? Who are salmon, and who are we? By interweaving stories old and new against a powerful backdrop of traditional song and contemporary sound art, BEING SALMON, BEING HUMAN offers surprising and evocative insights into the ancient relationship between humans and the larger living world. — Created and performed by Norwegian-British storyteller Georgiana Keable, philosopher Martin Lee Mueller and renowned Sami joiker and composer Torgeir Vassvik. Illustration by April White, with permission from Chelsea Green Publishing.


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