In Their Own Words


My background

I grew up 20 minutes away from OAEC in the wooded hills of Forestville. Instead of skateboarding and playing basketball like most of my peers, my unmaintained road wasn’t conducive to such activities and forced me to pursue other interests. So, I spent my time exploring the forest, climbing trees, and observing water skeeters in pools in the creek. After graduating high school from Summerfield Waldorf, I studied Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria in Canada.


What gives me hope

 The resiliency of life and its multitude of forms.

My work at OAEC

I originally started working here in 2020 as a garden intern and stayed on to help to steward the land by working in the orchard, nursery, landscaping, and garden.  Before working at OAEC I really appreciated going to the nursery for all of the interesting and unique plants that I had never seen in other places. At a time when many people lack access to medicine, the nursery is able to provide various medicinal plants to be grown at home. Now, working in the nursery I am deeply honored to be a part of a place that not only provides a wide range of useful plants from around the world, but also everything is grown organically here by us – from seed, division, or cutting.  I get to share the joys and wonders of growing plants with all who visit.