A Message from Wysteria McBrylcream

Last year, after seventeen consecutive years of producing the Chautauqua Revue, OAEC decided that we would take a year off in 2020 to freshen things up and take a long overdue nap . . . a very, very long nap. Who knew that the puppet masters that pull the Chautauqua Revue together each year could be so prescient? The show was already mothballed before a certain virus made its debut on the world stage, thus negating the need to negotiate cancellation fees with the snake dancer and the poll vaulting llamas. But, assuming we find our way out of our socially separated atmosphere, the Revue will be back in the Fall of 2021, bigger, badder, and more bodacious than ever. In the mean time, as this is the moment on the calendar when the Revue would ususally be happening, we thought it would be appropriate to ask our good friend Wysteria McBrylcream, the Revue’s Mistress of Ceremonies and purveyor of all things erudite, to weigh in on the state of the world.  Give it a listen.


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