Tule River Tribe

In 2015, Tribal Councilmember Kenneth McDarment invited the WATER Institute to consult with the Tule River Tribe about their interest in returning beavers to their ancestral homelands on the Tule River Reservation. In 2020 the US Fish and Wildlife Service Tribal Wildlife Grants program funded the Tule River Beaver Project to carry out a beaver and meadow restoration project. The WATER Institute, Swift Water Design, and US Forest Service Southwest Research Station partners were invited to support the Tribe in using beaver and process-based restoration to restore ecological function to various meadows, creeks, and the South Fork Tule River. This collaboration has successfully been implemented in three phases from 2021-2023. 

Tule River Tribal Council Member William Garfield, Tribal Council Treasurer Kenneth McDarment, USFS Sequoia National Forest Supervisor Teresa Benson, Tribal Council Secretary Franklin Carabay, and Tribal Council Vice Chairman Shine Nieto (Image: Tule River Tribe)


Painted rock beaver pictograph (Image: Tule River Tribe)