Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Sonoma County Water Agency
Sonoma County Water Agency

The Partnership is funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation with additional support provided by the Sonoma County Water Agency and includes:

The long-term goals of the Partnership are to

  • Restore a more natural flow regime during the dry season
  • Increase viability, and ultimately numbers, of coho salmon in the Russian River watershed
  • Increase water reliability for water users in each watershed
  • Develop governance mechanisms to carry out these efforts
  • Develop tools and methods for others to us

To meet the needs of the landowners, the regulatory agencies, and fish and other natural resources, we will employ a science-based approach to identify the areas that have the greatest opportunity for implementing alternative water management strategies and work with landowners to identify, study, permit and finance solutions that improve stream flow.

For more information, visit the Russian River Coho Water Resources website.