In Their Own Words


My background:

Born in San Diego, as a child I followed my dad across the Tijuana border each weekend to watch his rock & roll shows in Baja. During these trips I became aware of the need for human and environmental justice along arbitrary borders. While working in Israel, I was introduced to an educational permaculture farm where I began to learn to garden and create a relationship with the food I eat. Since then, I have gardened and farmed throughout northern California and worked on food justice as the Agency Relations Coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank. I continue to explore holistic approaches to healing and wellness through the intersection of human rights, regenerative agriculture, education, and the arts.

My work at OAEC:

As the Retreat Manager for movement building groups for social and ecological change, I weave professional empathy building, clear communication, ease, and fun for groups to flourish and grow while at OAEC. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to support retreat groups to become more connected, to each other and to the land, and to reach their internal and global goals. It is truly inspiring and a gift to support and host movement building organizations at OAEC!


My Passions:  I love many forms of movement and dance, roller skating, cooking seasonally from the garden, felting, and singing at the top of my lungs. When I’m not working or doing Afro-Brazilian dance, I’m passionately raising two beautiful and spirited boys.


My favorite resiliency resource: Slowing down, hot springs, praying around a fire, and laughter. In my years living among communities, my heart fills most when we experience collaborative joy and growth.


How I have grown: Being a parent has been the most humbling and rewarding experience of my life.