In Their Own Words

My work at OAEC:

I co-manage the WATER Instituteā€™s Bring Back the Beaver Campaign, conduct outreach and education, implement beaver and process-based restoration demonstrations, and collaborate with diverse partners and decision-makers to advocate for changes in policy and practices. I have the great honor of working with change-makers across the state to support widespread implementation of these innovative, nature-based solutions.

Why my work matters:

Working with a keystone species and wetland engineer like beaver can greatly improve water quality and quality, enhance biodiversity and restore ecological function to our degraded watersheds. Helping others see where and how low-cost beaver and process-based restoration strategies can be most effective builds the capacity of communities to increase the pace and scale of ecosystem regeneration.

In cooperation with the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kate Lundquist works with Kevin Swift (Swift Water Design) to release rehabilitated beaver on behalf of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.
Kate Lundquist stands in front of a large beaver dam on Green Creek in the eastern Sierra Nevada.