In Their Own Words

My Background

I grew up in Nevada City, California, home of the Nisenan people, basking in the beauty of the Yuba River and everything the Sierra Foothills had to offer. Exploring the watershed taught him about natural systems and inspired him to major in environmental studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the land of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.

My Passions

I love to spend time in and around trees. I’m deeply fascinated by the interconnectedness and communities that they form and how symbiotic these relationships can be. Inspired by the weaving of roots, mycorrhizae, and other natural patterns in forest ecosystems, I create suspendable tree nets out of climbing rope and paracord that are dynamically woven to the trees. I’m also very passionate about developing my relationship with movement in the forms of dance, stretch, and sports/play. 

My Work At OAEC

As an enthusiastic member of the permaculture department, my work centers around supporting the many different programs and projects in diverse capacities. From designing and implementing sustainable solutions to teaching and organizing courses, I am deeply committed to supporting students and communities. With a specialized focus on soil microbiology and agroecology, my research endeavors contribute to our understanding of ecological systems and inform innovative practices. Through my work, I strive to foster resilient and regenerative approaches to agriculture, aligning with my passion for sustainable and holistic solutions.

Why My Work Matters

I believe sharing my experience with soil is one of the more important elements of my work as the health of the soil directly impacts the health of our food and ecosystems. Food sovereignty is often a key aspect of the work within the communities we collaborate with. Healthy soil is one layer toward ensuring thriving and just food systems.

My Favorite Resiliency Resource

A Strategic Framework for a Just Transition -Movement Generation

How I regenerate

By dancing, swimming, laughing, tree net weaving, gardening, playing chess, and stretching.