Basins of Relations – A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting and Restoring Our Watersheds

Watershed issues present many opportunities to become involved at various levels and through different periods of time. Some solutions require making different choices as an individual or family, in the home or yard. Other solutions require behavioral changes in neighborhoods, communities or cities, with broad-based impact occurring over many years. To offer a historical context of past and present water issues as well as resources for individuals, communities and policy-makers, the WATER Institute has produced a new publication which aims to increase citizens’ participation in the restoration and protection of watersheds. The publication will also increase hydrological literacy and offer practical options to elected officials who are trying to meet Federal and state mandates on water conservation, stormwater issues and endangered species.

This booklet is intended for all people and organizations interested in conservation issues whether they are new to watershed awareness or are already seasoned watershed policy makers, scientists or activists.  It has been written to be used as a tool for individuals to educate themselves and for those working to educate others about the myriad issues facing our watersheds and the steps we can take to preserve them.

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Basins of Relations