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The Opportunity and its Impact

While Miskitu lawyers and native leaders battle through legal channels to force Nicaragua to complete the title transfer to people in the autonomous region, women in the communities are building their ability to govern their lands. These women-led governance groups are implementing democratic systems of shared communal governance. Since many men have had to migrate to cities to find work or have been killed in land conflicts, in many areas of the autonomous region, women have had to take principle responsibility for land management and food production. These women are seeking support in their endeavors to be sound practitioners of sustainable land management. In this agro-ecology training project, Miskitu women seek:

  1. To strengthen Miskitu sovereign and legal rights by empowering women and youth as restorative land managers.
  2. To address community safety issues by moving food production area close to their houses and avoid walking to their distant fields where they are being threatened and attacked.
  3. To increase family nutrition and health through bio-diverse bio-intensive agriculture and perennial polyculture systems.
  4. To increase community economic opportunity through agro-entrepreneurship by selling sustainability harvested products (raw and value-added).
  5. To decrease domestic violence by increasing women’s power and economic opportunities.
  6. To improve ecological systems and biological diversity by increasing women’s knowledge of ecological systems and training them as both ecological managers and researchers.
  7. To increase women’s leadership by activating them as agro-ecologists and regenerative land managers.

Land disputes in Nicaragua, largely ignored by the authoritarian government, have led to precarious situations for indigenous communities and those who defend them. In many cases, the companies who carry out violations against human rights defenders and communities are working in collaboration with police forces and even the army.

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