Spring Plant Sale Event

April 1-2 & 8-9, 2017 (10am-5pm)

Friends of the Nursery preview: Friday, March 31, 2017 (4-6pm)

It’s Spring, and we know you’ve got the itch to garden! The OAEC Nursery offers hundreds of heirloom varieties of brassicas such as broccoli, cabbage, kale and collards; salad greens like arugula and salads-in-a-six-pack; colorful lettuces and chards; alliums such as onions, leeks and scallions; edible flowers; and culinary herbs.

PLEASE NOTE: Our early April sales focus on cool weather crops – we will release the tomatoes and peppers during the summer crops sale. Remember that the average last frost date for this area is April 12th.  Come back for the last 2 weekends in April!

Plant Lists:

More Information

  • Nursery now open every weekend April-October for perennials!  While the Plant Sale Events are focused on annual plants for starting your seasonal gardens, join us any weekend April-October for a wide selection of perennial crops. (Closed for Easter weekend April 15-16.)
  • Tours See mature plants propagated in our Nursery and now thriving in our gardens and landscapes.Tours of the OAEC gardens with an OAEC staff person are available on all Plant Sale Sundays as well as 1st and 3rd Sundays throughout the April-Oct open nursery season. Tours begin at the Upper Nursery parking lot at 1pm.   Note: the site is otherwise closed to drop-in visitors.

Doug Gosling OAEC

Friends of the Nursery

Spring Preview Event:  Friday, March 31 from 4-6pm

A small, intimate opportunity to mingle with both staff and plants, Friends of the Nursery Previews offer a unique chance to support OAEC while receiving a 20% discount on your purchases. Get first pick of our selection and avoid the Plant Sale crowds!

You can become a Friend of the Nursery ($50+ annually) at the Preview, or donate now.


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Generally, our pricing is determined by the size of the container. However, our more rare plants may be priced individually. Proceeds benefit OAEC’s non-profit work through the Mother Garden Biodiversity Program. 

Six Packs $4.25
Jumbo Six Packs $4.50
2″ Pots $2.50
3″ Pots $3.00
4″ Pots $4.25
1 Gallon Pots $9.25

Nursery Information

OAEC map

Second OAEC driveway
15290 Coleman Valley Road
Occidental, CA 95465

Phone: (707) 874-9591

Contact & Directions

Bring Us Your Pots!

potsWe’d love to reuse your gallon pots, square 4-inch pots, or square 17-inch flats (no others, please) that are in good condition. Thanks for bringing them along when you come to the OAEC Nursery!

Other sustainability practices include:

  • The use of EnviroStake, a polypropylene-derived pot tag that is curbside recyclable and biodegradable.
  • A commitment to being 100% California Certified Organic – including our ornamental plants and our potting mixes, amendments and foliar sprays. We are the only 100% Organic nursery in the Bay Area.


OAEC Plant Sale Volunteers

Be a part of spreading plant biodiversity!

We invite you to volunteer on a Saturday or Sunday during our Spring Plant Sale weekends. Enjoy the company of fellow plant-appreciators and a 20% discount on plants.

With both brand-new and long-time seasoned volunteers, we create a whacky, fun and educational celebration of our green friends while contributing to the long-term sustainability of OAEC and its local, national and international projects and partnerships.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Playing music (to both plants and humans!)
  • Greeting guests and serving snacks
  • Directing parking and customer flow
  • Taping boxes for carrying plants
  • Helping customers bring plants to their cars


Please contact Plant Sale Coordinator Mary Zovich at mary@oaec.org or (707) 874-9591.