In Their Own Words

Ryan Silva

My work at OAEC:

I build stuff, and I fix stuff.

My background:

My background is in architecture, solar design, and natural building. I worked for Solar Works in Sebastopol for several years, and did straw bale construction with Skillful Means all over California. I also worked with a landscape architecture firm in Marin managing residential landscaping projects.

My passions:

My lady, Becky. Taking off-road hot spring trips in my Samuri. Dancing in my tu-tu in the desert. Making gourmet omelets and chili rellenos. Artisan tequila. Crabbing in Bodega Bay. Making flower arrangements. And designing my future Tiny House!

Why my work matters:

The OAEC is a place-based organization, and someone has to work to make the place function for all the programmatic wonderfulness!

My favorite way to relax is:

Soaking in hot springs.

My favorite resiliency resource:

Burning Man.

My dream project:

Building my Tiny House.