In Their Own Words

My Work

Working alongside Dougo and Ryath I help maintain and distribute the immense diversity of multipurpose and rare plants that end up in countless gardens around the region.


My background

I grew up catching lizards, climbing mango trees, and hunting crawdads. In my free time I read both Tolkien and Mollison while illustrating my own field guides of invented dinosaurs and idealized aquaculture systems with domesticated crocodilians. The formal study of cultural anthropology and agroecology at UC Santa Cruz played an important role later in my life. More recently, the study of primitive skills, tracking, scientific illustration, and nature journaling have shaped my worldview.

Why my work matters

The plants I propagate at the nursery end up in many hundreds of gardens where they feed people’s bodies and minds. These many green entities are ripples of influence in our region.

My passions 

I am passionate about nature and culture and obsessed with developing an ever-evolving synthesis between the two.

My favorite resiliency resource

My favorite resiliency resource is nature journaling, it connects me to beauty and meaning, stimulates me, and accelerates my learning.  Nature journal club facebook page:

My dream project:

To travel the planet creating books that hybridize elements of a travel journal, a field guide, and a graphic novel into a compelling whole. These visual-verbal narratives would document my experience of the cultural and environmental beauty and conflict of our times enmeshed in mythological archetypes. 

My hero

Leonardo Da Vinci hybridized with Richard Evans Schultes and Joseph Campbell.

The wildest place I’ve ever been

The Amazon rainforest at sunset.