In Their Own Words

Longwillow and her ice cream truck

My background:

Native to the Midwest, I share what I’ve come to understand is the “well, I didn’t exactly mean to MOVE to northern CA, but it’s 25 years later so I’m pretty sure I have actually moved” story! While I still pine for summer thunderstorms and a big sky, Sonoma County has been my spot on the planet for a good long time. I like feeling surrounded by familiars…animal, tree, plant, human, rolling hills, fog…all of whom (and more) have become my “community.”

Born serious, I knew that helping other humans dive deeper into what it means to be alive was going to be a central thread in my life stream. It has proved to be true not just in all my work incarnations (minus that one little blip in the S.F. financial district…) but also in my own personal life journey. I also knew early on that for me a meaning-full life was one lived on the edge of “wild” places. And now, still living on the edge of  the “wild” and still facilitating those deep dives into the nature of reality, I also make sure that the “fun” factor is woven into my life and those around me in hearty doses!

My passions:

While perhaps an odd passion, I nonetheless have a strong desire, bordering on calling, to bring the topic of death and dying out of the closet. I can’t imagine life being as beauty-full as it is without the juice of the creative process…I believe that, when cultivated, it benefits all of creation. I have always been and will likely continue to be a lover of animals and harbor a passionate longing to help facilitate the communication between humans and animals. I also feel very, very strongly that moving more slowly through the world gives us an opportunity to truly and consciously absorb our respective “environments,” the result of which is Presence.

My favorite resiliency resource:


My favorite bumper sticker:

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.


Longwillow juggling