In Their Own Words

My work at OAEC:

Through my role as the bookkeeper, I work directly with our Financial Controller to support the needs of our staff and Fiscally Sponsored Projects.  This includes financial interfacing and reporting, while also being a point of contact for the Finance Department.

My background:

Originally, I am from New Jersey and spent my first 18 years of life there.  I grew up in the theater doing countless musicals and plays.  New York City was my home for 4 years while I attended NYU, studying Environmental Science, Pre-Medicine, Chemistry, Philosophy and more. Upon graduating in 2011, I moved to Northern California to pursue a career in sustainable organic agriculture.  My customer service experience began at a young age when I got my first job working in a pizzeria; I realized early on how important it is to be accountable, have integrity, and communicate clearly. Throughout my years of farming, I have learned the most through hands-on work interacting with plants and animals.  Being a Virgo Sun and Capricorn Rising, I have a natural penchant for numbers and details.  I get really excited about organization and spreadsheets.

My passions:

I am devoted to my adorable, lovely puppy, Ruby. I love to farm, dance, sing, play the ukulele and piano, act, paint, knit, cook, travel, hike, bike, swim, see live music, puzzle, and the list goes on.  One of my favorite activities is learning and acquiring new skills. I spend my free time performing around the Bay Area, farming for private clients, and doing a podcast called Radical Queers Podcast about queer farming and queering the farming systems.

Why my work matters:

As an organization, the work we are doing is serving the global community and helping to make this world a better place.  The values upheld by OAEC and systematic approaches to improving our environment are very important to me.  The work I do at OAEC helps to keep the wheels turning and the production flowing.  From paying the bills to onboarding new employees and FSPs, I show up and am present for all of the requests that come my way.  In addition to the practical facets of my job, I contribute to the dynamic culture and community.  These aspects of my work matter because they increase the efficiency and functionality of OAEC, which as a whole has a large-scale impact.