To protect biological and cultural diversity, we need rapid and dramatic change.

Restoration depends on reawakening to our interdependence with the natural world.

Help lead your community in the movement towards a just and sustainable transition.

OAEC's Vision & Strategy

OAEC supports change makers and communities to design for a resilient future.

We live in a time of profound challenges that require immediate, courageous and strategic responses. We are confronted by global ecological and climate crises, by widespread social injustice, and by economic and governance systems unwilling and unable to correct the course.

OAEC's work focuses on cultivating ecological literacy and building the capacity of civic and social movement leaders and organizations to guide their communities toward an ecologically regenerative, economically viable, and socially just future. We see that the most innovative and effective change is happening at the regional and local levels — all around the world. We work with communities in our own home region of Northern California, and we learn from and support similar efforts in many other parts of the U.S. and world. Join us!