Tending the Wild

2013-06-28 9:45 am
2013-06-30 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Instructors: M. Kat Anderson, Dennis Martinez, and OAEC Staff

Dates: June 28th at 9:45am to June 30th at 4:00pm

Wildlands at OAEC

When Europeans arrived in California, they found a verdant garden paradise: meadows thick with grasses and wildflowers, impressive groves of oak trees, healthy game, and rivers full of fish. This diverse and abundant landscape was managed and tended expertly by native peoples for over 13,000 years. In fact, Northern California supported the largest diversity of plants and animals, as well as the largest human population, on the continent.  

Join us for an incredible weekend as we explore how traditional ecological knowledge can restore our partnership with nature, and - interwoven with Permaculture - restore our degraded landscapes to once again support an abundance of life.

We will discuss the philosophy & principles of Native American land management and implement different management techniques on the wildlands at OAEC to:

  • enhance wild food, medicine, fiber, and timber plants
  • improve the ecological quality of the land simultaneously

Cost: $495/445 if registered three weeks in advance (includes meals and lodging). The deposit amount for this course is $100.

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Reflections from our first Tending the Wild course