OAEC Launches Permaculture Design Blog

Brock Dolman and Kendall Dunnigan with SOIL

The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center is excited to announce the launch of a blog for our Permaculture & Ecological Design Program, which we hope will inspire people around the world to see Permaculture not as a gardening technique but as a way of thinking--an ideology that facilitates community-wide discussion, planning and collaboration to build more sustainable human settlements that emulate the diversity and resiliency of natural ecosystems.

SOIL OAEC Permaculture

The opening posts of the blog detail Program Co-Directors Brock Dolman and Kendall Dunnigan's trip to Haiti to work with and learn from SOIL, a Permaculture-minded organization dedicated to turning human waste--currently a major problem in Haiti due to lack of infrastructure--into a resource.

This blog launch is an exciting milestone for us, as we've spent the last year gearing up for an increased focus on online storytelling about our wide array of projects and collaborations, many of which take place away from our 80-acre demonstration site in West Sonoma County, Calif. All address the root causes of the global ecological crisis in a diverse and ultimately holistic way.

Permaculture OAEC blog

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