Community Resiliency Model training at OAEC

2013-05-25 8:30 am
2013-05-26 5:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

May 25th - 26th

Aid to Haiti

Stress, even trauma, is a part of life. An antelope that narrowly escapes a hunting lion undergoes a flight-or-flight adrenaline rush, yet quickly returns to grazing peacefully. If animals possess an innate resiliency to extreme duress, why do humans often rely on denial and self-medication to cope?

To address this, the Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) developed simple, skills-based interventions to bring the nervous system back into balance based on cutting-edge research about the brain and body. Their Community Resiliency Model (CRM) empowers community members to help each other move from despair to hope in the face of anxiety.

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This May, the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s Permaculture program is collaborating with TRI to host a two-day CRM training.

  • This training will benefit community leaders such as teachers, mental health workers, first responders, and veterans and their families. 
  • It is also relevant for Permaculture Designers working to create healthy intentional communities with members resilient to “burnout.”

Date: Course starts Saturday, May 25 at 8:30am and ends Sunday, May 26 at 5pm

Cost: $450 (includes accommodations overlooking the beautiful OAEC gardens and homemade, organic meals)

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Register here or call (909) 626 – 4070

Learn more on TRI's website